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The ethos of Flora’s Kitchen courses is to learn useful new culinary skills in a fun environment by getting involved in anything and everything – you will learn by doing the work. Students of all ages will leave with the confidence to try new dishes, happy in the knowledge they will taste great.

On the University Basics course students will learn how to cook competently on a budget. Skills taught will be highly adaptable to create a multitude of easy-to-make dishes which taste delicious, at times impress, but don’t break the bank.

The Chalet and Villa Cookery course is more intense, aimed at those already equipped with the basics but hoping to hone their skills further. It is a five-day residential course teaching the additional techniques needed for entertaining and catering for large groups.

Flora’s Kitchen also offers a miscellany of other fun cooking courses such as Man Enough To Cook or Junior Cooking but anyone wanting to organise a customised course must simply 
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    A five day course
    Our 2017 dates: 30th October-3rd November / 18th-22nd December 
    Our 2018 dates: 12th-16th February / 26th-30th March / 9th-13th April / 16th-20th July / 6th-10th August 

    Courses start on Monday at 9.30am and end on Friday at 2pm.

    Is boiling an egg the sum total of your culinary excellence? Does having a dinner party mean splitting a frozen pizza? Or are you already a keen cook in need of new ideas and more experience? Come and join Flora in her kitchen and you will soon be impressing friends and family with your repertoire of delicious classics.
    Cost: Prices start from £695.00 for the full five days including four nights stay and recipes to take home.
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    A five day course
    Our 2017 dates: 16th-20th October / 6th-10th November / more dates to come

    The courses start on Monday at 8.15am and end on Friday at 2pm.

    You may feel you have nailed the fluffy soufflé or can knock up a pretty mean curry but have you got what it takes to charge people for your food? If you have already got the basics under your belt, this course will help you refine and extend these skills, so that nothing will faze you in the kitchen.
    Cost: £995 for the full five days including four nights stay and recipes to take home.
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    A one day course
    Our 2018 dates: 4th January / 6th April Junior Cooking 3

    The course running time is 10.00am-3.00pm.

    Watching your child grow is one of life’s most gratifying pleasures. Being able to help them develop skills and feed an inquisitive mind is an honour. Flora’s Kitchen will give your children hands-on experience to be able to cook some fabulous, well–chosen recipes all over again at home. Choose from either Junior Cooking 1, 2 or 3 - there should be something for everyone!
    Cost: £60 for the day's course includes the recipes, lunch and lots to go home with.
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    A one day course
    Our 2018 dates: Asian: 5th January / Italian: 5th April

    Course running time is 10.00am-4.00pm.

    Forget teenage fads and fashions, cool kids these days want to impress with some serious culinary prowess! Of course teenagers can already teach their parents a few tricks – namely about social media, technology and which current brand of trainers to wear (or not!), but now how about showing the oldies a thing or two with some home-made sushi, a perfect paella or scrumptious tarte tatin?
    Cost: £75 including recipes and something to take home for the kids’ supper.
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    A three day course (with overnight stay option)
    Our 2017 dates: 27th-29th June / 7th-9th Sepbember / 12th-14th September
    Our 2018 dates: 10th-12th July / 6th-8th September 

    The course running time is 10.30am-4.30pm daily.

    If you don’t have much time but want to get to grips with some fundamentals in the cooking department, then this course provides a great grounding. You will soon be able to cook a variety of vegetables, knock up a couple of stir fries, make a full-on Sunday roast, glaze a ham, make a fine sauce and maximize your leftovers. All essential.
    Cost: £75 for the day, includes recipes, lunch and something to go home with every night; £225 for the three day course, includes recipes, lunch and something to go home with every night; £250 for the three days and two nights course includes recipes.
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    A half day or a full day course
    Our 2017 dates: 7th October (half day) / 2nd December (full day)
    Our 2018 dates: 24th February (half day) / more dates on request
    The half day course running time is from 9.30am-1.30pm
    The full day course running time is from 10am-4pm

    Gone are the days of a woman’s place being in the kitchen – nowadays everyone is in the kitchen. It is, after all, the hub of family life and where the entire family congregates almost all of the time. So if you’re a man who’d like to impress someone special or to give the kids a treat but who doesn’t quite have the know-how, come and have a go.
    Cost: £150 for half a day's course or £200 for a full day's course. Both include lunch with drinks and recipes to take home.
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    A day course or a half day course. Both include lunch.
    Cooking For Christmas 2017: 5th December (full day) / 7th December (full day)

    Our 2018 dates: 23rd, 24th, 25th January / More dates on request
    The day course running time is 9.30am-4.30pm
    The half day course running time is 9.30am-1.30pm 

    Does cooking for a dinner party bring you out in hives? Cooking a family Sunday lunch make you quiver like a jelly? Concocting a romantic dinner for two leave you cold? If so, look no further. This course is designed to help you banish your kitchen conundrums and to expand your repertoire to include delicious dishes for everyone and every occasion...
    Cost: £150 per day includes recipes, lunch and lots to take home. The half day is £80.00 Prepare for Christmas is £250
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    Come for half a day, a whole day or even the weekend.

    If none of the courses listed cover what you'd like to learn in the kitchen, then we can always design a course specifically to suit you. Perhaps you'd like to organise a private course for a group of friends, family or work colleagues or one-to-one teaching?
    We also love a party, so if you are planning to celebrate a birthday, or indeed any occasion, we’d love to share it with you.

    Cost: Subject to requirements
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